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About our association

​ In 2021, ZENBI CO-OP obtained permission as a supervising organization to support technical intern trainees. Currently, it is possible to accept “1,000” technical intern trainees from “15 countries” in almost all industries. In addition, in pre-arrival training, in addition to Japanese language study, manners training is also conducted. Japan's working-age population (ages 15-64) is projected to continue declining from 69.8% in 1995 to 51.4% in 2065, making it essential for Japan's future to coexist with foreign workers. increase.

This is the definition of goodness and beautyIn order not to be ashamed of "things are good and beautiful",We strive to make a positive impact on society.

Representative Director

Toshiaki Nishikawa

​ While visiting Vietnam and other ASEAN and Asian countries many times, I have met many young people who have a strong desire to "work in Japan" and "learn Japanese technology and work methods."

In addition, we have heard from many presidents that they would like to work with excellent human resources from overseas.

​ In order to respond to such requests, Cooperative Yoshimi will work hard.

We would like to ask for your continued warm support and patronage.

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